Star Wars Tickets Winners Announced

On Nov 22 I announced a picture contest promoting the best things in Kyle. The four winners would each receive two tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Evo Entertainment on opening night. After receiving over 100 pictures, I am happy to announce the winners! They were voted on by a group of community leaders and myself. Tickets can be picked up at Mitchell Motorsports Tue-Sat, 9a-6p (map).

Thank you to all who participated!

#1 Lehman vs. Hays, by Robert Fraga.
Robert Fraga

#2 Jedi at Five Mile Dam, by Matt HollingerMatt X Hollinger 11

#3 Santa rides through Kyle, by Margie Vargas
Margie Vargas

# 4 The Bean’s Kyle Adventures, by Aimee ChristineAimee Christine