Dr. Ryan Browning Says Connecting Locally Key to Kyle’s Future

Dr. Ryan Browning looked all over Texas before moving his family to Hometown Kyle and opening Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness in the Plum Creek Square.

“When you live and work in the same community, it just means a lot more,” he said. “Plus, I live three minutes away from my work.”

You might expect the business opportunity to be what first attracted Browning to Kyle. But he could have opened his practice in dozens of other places. “Before stepping foot in the office we drove around the community and just got a feel for the town,” he said. “The small-town feel was a big thing for us. It was a place we really felt we could raise our kids.”

Dr. Browning’s industry is growing. The concept of spinal manipulation has been around since the beginning of recorded time, but the practice has been exploding in the last ten years, mainly due to an overall movement known as Health and Wellness.

Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness-2“Everyone associates being a chiropractor with back pain,” says Browning. “And that’s a big part of what we do. But our purpose is to treat the whole person. We want to treat the cause of the problem, not just manage the pain. We advocate for organic products, essential oils, farmer’s markets, and natural ways of doing just about everything. We want to work with the body and help it to truly heal.”

When I asked Dr. Browning how his approach effects patients, he gave a tremendous testimony.

“One guy in particular started with us about two months ago,” he said. “He had a date for spinal surgery and came to us as a last resort. He had tried everything else. He was a 10 of 10 on the pain scale, even with pain medications and spinal injections. Nothing was working.

Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness-1-2“So we started to work with him a few times a week. After the first month he decided to delay his surgery. He could tell something was happening. After month two he cancelled the surgery. He has really followed the things we asked him to do, including home therapy, and now he doesn’t need the spinal fusion.”

Kyle is lucky to have Dr. Browning in our community. We benefit exponentially when men and women who live here also work here and especially when they own a local business.

“Owning a business is an education in itself,” says Browning. “Having the additional responsibility of ownership adds to the challenge of working with patients, but it’s worth it. Originally every customer that came in was a new customer. But over time we’ve made tons of new friends and relationships. It’s like I have a big extended family.”

Dr. Browning’s success in the community didn’t happen overnight. “I got involved in the Chamber of Commerce right when we moved,” he said. It really helped me connect with the community on a personal level. I often bump into people I’ve gotten to know just since we moved here.”

Dr. Browning has three children who all go (or will go) to school here in Kyle. “I’m excited to see my kids grow up here,” he said. “We had a talent show Friday night and it was fun to see them in that. If I were commuting to Austin every day I’m not sure I would feel as connected.”

“I’m okay with change and growth,” he added. “That helps me as a small business owner. But it would be sad to see the growth cause the charm to disappear. I think promoting local businesses will make the difference. Just because you live here doesn’t mean Kyle means that much to you. You have to be proactive.”